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is a Free Job Matching Platform for immigrants to find overseas jobs. 

– Connect the world with your talent.
– Explore the world with your passion.

immiJob would like to invites different employers who are willing to hire new immigrants to join our community. We offer Free Job Listing Service on our platform and we will not charge any fees from each parties. We build immiJob to fulfil the job needs of immigrants and to help talents and professionals explore more overseas work opportunities. 

Explore how can immiJob provide free service By immiDaily

“Before migrating, it is important to visit immiDaily for relevant information and seek advice from them. This is to make sure that you get the most accurate information that suits your needs.”

immiDaily is a media platform and a helpful community for immigrants. We are not an immigration agency. All immigration support and application services come from local lawyers, accountants, social welfare agencies, and government agencies that we collaborate with. 

immiDaily can provide you with advice, information and refer you to relevant local lawyers or government departments. However, do keep in mind that we don’t handle any immigration applications or charge you. Even if we are the referrer, it does not constitute any form of a customer relationship. You can always contact us to arrange a consultation with a local lawyer.

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